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I’ve always said I’m much more interesting in text.


It is for this reason that I find the various types of social media are the perfect venue for meeting women.  I know what you’re thinking, that’s kind of creepy- but it’s not like that at all!  First of all, I look much better in a controlled atmosphere.  I can completely control how the person on the other side views me just by carefully selecting which pictures I choose to post.  Also, it’s a great place to showcase your talents.  Telling that girl at the bar how great you can cook can come across like bragging and might be a huge turnoff, but if she sees the pictures of your homemade dinner on Facebook, it adds validity to your game.  Make comments, be charming and funny, and see where it takes you.

Also, consider this.  Facebook allows friends of friends to see when you comment on their page, so not only are you able to attract the person of interest, but now your witty comments are reaching their friends.  If the person you’re pursuing isn’t picking up on your vibe, don’t sweat it. Chances are you’re being noticed by someone else in her social circle.  The great part about this is you already know you have mutual friends, which makes a group date a lot more comfortable.

It should be mentioned that this method isn’t the best for picking up a girl in a matter of hours.  I like to think of it as building a relationship backwards.  In most cases, their page reveals a pretty detailed snapshot of their current life.  Before even meeting, you’re already going to have a good idea of her interests and can incorporate those in to a conversation when you finally get that first date. Read what she writes, check out her pictures- and don’t forget that she’s doing the same to you, so make sure you’re keeping your page current and appropriate.

Women see Facebook as a way of screening men before meeting them in person.  So, be sure to put your best foot forward. I have converted many dates through social media outlets, and find that they’re some of the most enjoyable ones. In many ways you’ll feel as though you already know each other.  You’ll both be more comfortable and confident, and this will allow you to be the man she’s been so eager to meet- the real you.   Don’t blow it.  Just kidding!  You’re going to be great!


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