you guys are amazing

Are you kidding me??


A Hot Cup of Love has only been up for a week now and there is already so much to be grateful for.  I started this blog because, as a man, pouring your emotions out to your friends at a seedy pub usually puts yourself on the receiving end of ridicule.  Romance and love have always been a passion of mine, and I never thought in my wildest dreams that anyone would want to read any of this.  You have all proved me wrong- and I’m completely humbled by that.

So, thank you, so very much to all the readers, bloggers, facebookers, and twitter-ers (?) who follow, read, comment, like, and tweet about not only hotcupoflove.com, but love in general.

Also, thank you to my parents, grandparents, sister, aunts, and uncles who have provided me with the best examples of what it means to be in love, and to a special lady friend who motivates me to seek out “the one”.

You’re all so amazing.  Thank you.


2 comments on “you guys are amazing

  1. You are welcome! Thank you for posting such beautiful things and reminding us to keep love in our lives.

  2. Keep floating, flying, seeking. Don’t let anyone tether you down. Not even me. :))

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