where you’ve been and where you want to go

This had me thinking about you all night last night.

Yeah, I know, I’m a sap for old love songs from back when times were different and relationships actually meant something.

What’s my point? Well, this got me thinking about my previous relationships; all that I had given to make them work, and what I had taken away from them when they ended.

What I had discovered is that each player in a relationship needs to bring something to the table in order for it to have complete cohesion.  A relationship should be balanced, where you challenge each other, and make up for the other’s weaknesses, all while supporting their strengths.  I have realized that the times I have been in a committed relationship, I am the most on top of my game.  I am strong, and confident. I become this crazy problem solver, latin lover, career and family driven maniac. It didn’t take long for me to attribute this to the women I have kept in my life.  They had, in a matter of weeks, molded me in to a responsible, young man- but looking back is only half the battle.

It’s easy to take relationships day by day.  In fact, the thought of looking too far ahead can become a scary proposition- but what if we all looked far in to the future with every relationship?  Stop reading this for ten seconds.  Close your eyes, and picture your perfect relationship scenario.  Picture your significant other. Picture your house, your car, your life.  What did your life look like in your head?

When I close my eyes, I see a small house. I see an average car.  I see my ideal wife sitting on the back patio steps with a glass of water, whispering in our daughter’s ear while watching our son play baseball in the back yard.  This is a snapshot of my future life.  So, now I look back to my previous relationships, could I really see any of them fitting in to the mold of my “ideal life”?  Not in the slightest.

You can do this with your current relationships, and even future ones.  Let this vision be your guide to finding the perfect soulmate, and don’t be willing to compromise.  I have been doing this exercise frequently for the past two years and have found it’s a great way to keep me on track with my future family goals.

Reclaim your love life.  Don’t be afraid to look back and see where you’ve been in order to better understand where you’re going.  Be dynamic and bring all your goals to the table.  They will be the foundation on which you build your future.


2 comments on “where you’ve been and where you want to go

  1. Really? NONE of them fit? I find that extremely hard to believe.

    PS. A serious contender for my wedding song.

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