be the man in your relationship

Be the Don Draper in your relationship. You know, without all the womanizing, scotch, and cigarettes.


Okay.  You can keep the scotch.

But seriously, why are men not MEN anymore?  I’m not talking about the beer chuggin’, bar fightin’ men, but the kind of men who aren’t afraid to stand up for what they want and take charge every now and again.  Don’t you see??  Women LOVE it when you take charge.  Women WANT a partner who is confident and a leader.  If you want the secret to attracting women, it doesn’t get any easier than this.  Be confident and know what you want.

Being a man also means showing respect.  Are we not opening doors for women anymore?  Did I not get that memo?  Or how about dating for a little while before trying to sleep with your girlfriend?  Are you telling me you can’t go for more than a day or two without sex?  Is her conversation that boring? If so, then just get out now- there’s no hope for the two of you.

And this goes way beyond the women you’re dating.  How is your mother?  When is the last time you told her you loved her?  When did you last carry groceries for a random older woman, or shoveled the snow from your neighbor-lady’s driveway?  Come on, man!

Learning to respect women starts at home.  Get out there and start making a difference.  Trust me, you’ll turn some heads.


10 comments on “be the man in your relationship

  1. I agree! My man is a MAN. He opens doors for me (and calls his Mom!) We do want a man who is confident and a leader.

    • I have to be honest, there’s not many of them out there anymore. Sounds like you’ve found yourself a keeper. Hang on to him tight.

      • Yes, I agree that they are few and far between. I was dating online for a few years, and wow, was it hard to find the right guy.
        When I met John he had “too many meet and greets” written all over him. On our second date he laid it on thick with these amazing eyes that he has….I told him “to put those eyes away, you aren’t coming home with me”…lol.
        We became friends and just friends for six months!
        BTW, I know not to ‘hang on’ too tight….that could drive a good man away too 🙂

        • haha that’s true! So, you’ve done the online dating thing, and I’m sure you’ve met guys other ways before John- hotcupoflove.com has a lot of female readers, any advice for those looking to meet the perfect man?

  2. Oh man, let’s see. First off, there is no ‘perfect man’….those two words don’t even sort of go together! lol

    I guess the best advice I can give women is to know what you want. I see too many women think they have to be like a guy to get a guy. I wanted a serious long term relationship when I met John. I was done with casual dating and wanted to find Mr. Right (so to speak). When I told John, he laughed! Seriously!

    He told me so many women would say they weren’t looking for a relationship (because they didn’t want to scare the guy away) when that is what they really wanted (don’t most of us!?)

    I wasn’t afraid to say what I wanted …one of John’s columns in the book is called The Choice. In it he writes:
    “Here’s something a lot of women don’t understand about a lot of men: If you give us room, we’ll take it. What’s more, we’ll stay there. It’s comfortable
    for us – we’re relaxed when we have room – and if that room includes you not trying to pin us down on our intentions, then all the better.
    But the problem with that approach is this: For you it’s limbo.
    You’re sort of in a relationship, but not really. You have a guy who’s kind of your boyfriend, but kind of not. And – probably worst of all – you’re tied up in a situation that can keep you from seeking something better. Which is not to say that “something better” can’t include the guy you’re already seeing – because it can. But if you never tell him what it is you need he’s not going to know – and he’s going to go along doing what he’s doing because, well, it’s comfortable.”

    That advice came out of our experience … and I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing it to pass on to your readers!

  3. Thank you for the mention Sabatino…


  4. YES! Good to know there are some guys out there who know what I’m talking about! Keep it up, man!

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