let love manifest

Can I tell you a secret?

love blocks

I sometimes have a bad habit of pushing love.

The truth is, you can’t force love.  You have to let it grow and manifest itself.  You have to slowly build it like you’re building a strong foundation, one block at a time- and sometimes while you’re hard at work, you have no concept of the progress you’ve made until you take the time to step back and evaluate what you’ve done.

I’m an impatient oaf, and from an outsider’s perspective when I want something really bad, I want it, like, yesterday.  Unfortunately for me, that’s not the way love always works.  It takes time.  It takes attention.  It takes real work from everyone involved.  I understand that, but my problem isn’t with understanding as much as it is with excitement.

I mean, when I meet someone who is a potential “love”, I go crazy.  I’m talking head over hells, drooling, and incompetent crazy.  I think about nothing else but that person for the entire time I’m away from them.  It’s a sickness.  I swear!  That being said, not seeing that person will undoubtedly eventually kill me.  I am sure of it.  She’s my addiction.

Dear readers,

My name is Sabatino, and I’m addicted to this girl who has big beautiful eyes, a killer smile, and gorgeous flowing hair.  She’s one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met, and while she’ll never admit it, she’s an amazing chef, and her energy gives me new life.  She over-exaggerates everything, uses an obnoxious number of smiley faces, and she’s in love with wine, cheese, family, and guys who can cook.  I seriously can’t stop thinking about her.  I may need an intervention.  Help!

Also, my roommate has this weird obsession with bass fishing.  Any suggestions?

With Love,





7 comments on “let love manifest

  1. Find a way to cool down so you don’t get a *silly* situation incoming when you try to talk to her. Saying Uh, eh, yeah, yes, uhm, aaa etc could make her look funny. Don’t force love but do stay around her and be helpful and gentile and show your true kind self to her and everyone else? You got the wrong person to ask advice out of!

    • I’m hoping by writing this every day that I can work out all my nervous jitters. I certainly don’t want to be stumbling over my words. I must appear confident and in control. Thank you for reading, Leonaa!

  2. Think about her all you want. It’s healthy to have your heart pumping, blood gushing, and pupils dilating – especially for this amazing person. Besides, you gotta get used to the palpitations and butterflies for when you eventually get enough courage to act on this obsession and take it to the next level.

    *hand to heart*
    All is well.

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