midnight love

New years eve can be the ushering in of new and exciting romance, or the countdown to loneliness.


Hopefully for you it’s the former.

When you’re single, New Years Eve can be either exciting or a complete bust, and it all comes down to the final seconds.  I mean, when making a wish list, locking lips in a chance for passionate romance as the ball is dropping ranks right up there with things like traveling to Europe or meeting Gandhi.  GANDHI, for peat’s sake!  My question to you is, who are you snogging this New Years?

If you’re going to a party with a date, that question may be simple to answer, but for those of us running the evening stag, you may luck out, or you may have to get crafty.  Here’s the situation.

You’re at a party, let’s say at a friend’s house, and you’ve been eyeing up this girl all night.  You’ve only got ten minutes before midnight and everyone has started to huddle around the television in preparation.  The champagne is being poured, and you’re all a bit loose.  What do you do?  Well you know you have to be close to her, so you inch your way up through the crowd to make sure you get a spot right next to her.  I mean, you want to be close, like almost touching, and if it’s a sizeable party this shouldn’t be difficult.  As you eagerly await the countdown, find a way to make conversation with her.  Introduce yourself, tell her you like her scarf, and ask her where she bought it (women seem to really care about those kinds of things).  This will establish a little bit of a rapport with her and make her more comfortable with you.  Be confident and don’t forget to smile!

Positioning is everything here.  If you’re both standing side by side with eyes glued to the television, 90% of the time you want to be on her left side.  Seeing that most people are right-handed, she’ll probably hold her drink in her dominant hand, making an immediate turn to the left more natural when she starts cheering.  If you see that she’s left-handed, it may be in your best interest to switch sides.  See?  You didn’t realize you were going to get a science lesson here.  I’m like the Mr. Wizard of love.

Anyway, the ball drops, the crowd goes bananas, and she just turned to the left to avoid spilling her drink- now’s your chance.

You can thank me tomorrow.


2 comments on “midnight love

  1. Happy new year, darling! 🙂

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