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what i’ve learned from the movie “UP”

Have you seen this movie!?


If you’re not tearing up in the first ten minutes of this movie, then you’re not human.  I’m just going to come right out and say it.

I mean, seriously!  I’ll try not to spoil it for you but Pixar really tugs on the heartstrings with this one.  Here’s the first ten minutes:

Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, they grow old together while sharing their hopes and dreams yet to be accomplished.

Girl dies. (really Pixar?!)

Boy, clinching on to a memory of girl, does everything in his power to fulfill the dreams they never got to accomplish together.

Just end it for me now!  Is there no greater fear than finding true love and then losing it to a higher power?  It gives me chills.  Like, literally, as I type this I have chills and suddenly want to drink heavily.

Though, despite it’s somewhat depressing intro, the rest of the movie is refreshingly upbeat and comical- begging you to ask the question, “How long will you put off your dreams together, and by then, will it be too late?”

My point here is that sometimes in relationships we grow old too fast.  We begin our lives together with ambitious dreams and goals, yet seem to put them on the back burner when other supposed “more important” situations arise.  (Like needing a new roof, having kids, or financial issues)

Yes, these things all cost money, and in the case of children, a great deal of your time- but don’t forget that accomplishing your dreams together as a couple can really give a much-needed boost to your relationship and your family.  If I may also add, new experiences together can tighten a bond like you wouldn’t believe.

Be the catalyst in your love life.  Be the spark that pulls you closer to your partner.  Experience new things together, make a plan to reach the goals you set for your relationship, and love like there’s no tomorrow- because in some sad cases, for one of you there might not be.

Hold on to your loved one today.  Hold them tight like you may never see them again.

God only knows how much I wish I could hold you right now.


One comment on “what i’ve learned from the movie “UP”

  1. I cry every time my girls put it on! But I must say a talking dog “Squirrel” would be awesome and having my own chocolate eating Kevin!

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