On Dating a Single Mother

After dating a single mother for roughly a year, I thought this was relevent to mention.

3 comments on “On Dating a Single Mother

  1. What are your thoughts about it, Hot Cup of Love? I bet the experience varies based on the individual Mom but I am curious to hear your observations…

    • hmmm, I found my experience to be a pleasurable one. I mean, as a guy who dreams of fatherhood, that gave me an instant opportunity to have a family and my first taste of what it’s like to lead by example. I can relate completely to the punishment aspect of this article as I was not related to the child biologically, and had to mind my respective boundries. That’s not to say I couldn’t punish him in a passive manner, but anything regarding a more aggressive approach would always default to the boy’s mother. Though, as a method I would imagine most two-parent families would benefit from, I would often confirm with the mother before taking any sort of action. Also, as the woman I was dating pointed out, her son viewed me as another “Mom’s friend” rather than a father figure- this is a tough hurdle to leap unless you’re around for an extended period of time and can establish yourself in the child’s mind as a position of authority.

      • Your perspective is so mature and respectful of the mother and her son. It will no doubt strengthen your bond with both of them and make all of the trying times worth it when he is older, if the relationship continues. I can imagine how difficult it can be at times but he must be loving you in his life and his viewing you as his friend will probably get stronger as he grows, too. Thanks for sharing your views and for the heartfelt post.

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