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You’re Required to be a Lady- if you Want to Attract a Man

Adventures Under My Pirate Flag

Here is a funny Ecard travelling around out there that caught my attention and seemed relevant in many walks of life.


Although I find this incredibly humorous, it is sadly true for many people I see today. Now, I like looking just as attractive as the next gal, and I think that if you have a  great body, hell let’s show that bad boy off- but there is a time and place for everything.

Shorts should be longer than your underwear (and your cookie, as described above!) Bathing suits should be worn in the pool- and only in such settings. There is a difference between showing some cleavage and showing some nipple- let’s not get borderline with it. I recently learned the term ‘turtle dress.’ A guy told me this is when a girls dress is so short you can see her turtle- we shouldn’t even have a need for this!

This brings…

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