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10 Facts About Love and the Brain

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Love Is In Your Mind While we usually connect love with the heart, new studies have shown that love actually stems from the brain. Pioneering work by researchers both at Rutgers University and University College London have shown that romantic love activates regions of the brain involved with risk and…


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Johnny & June – as depicted in film and in real life – were definitely soulmates. My good friend E and I had a running discussion that lasted for several years about whether soulmates actually existed. I believe they do, she believes they do not. When she and I…

You’re Required to be a Lady- if you Want to Attract a Man

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Here is a funny Ecard travelling around out there that caught my attention and seemed relevant in many walks of life. Although I find this incredibly humorous, it is sadly true for many people I see today. Now, I like looking just as attractive as the next…

On Dating a Single Mother

After dating a single mother for roughly a year, I thought this was relevent to mention.

what i’ve learned from the movie “UP”

what i’ve learned from the movie “UP”

Have you seen this movie!? If you’re not tearing up in the first ten minutes of this movie, then you’re not human.  I’m just going to come right out and say it. I mean, seriously!  I’ll try not to spoil it for you but Pixar really tugs on the heartstrings with this one.  Here’s the […]

defining unconditional love

defining unconditional love

“To give and not expect return that is what lies at the heart of love.” – Oscar Wilde I’ve talked about it a lot, but what exactly is unconditional love? Merriam-Webster defines unconditional love as “love without limits”.  That’s a little vague for me, but here’s what I know. When we have children, we provide everything […]