love challenge

Building a strong foundation for your relationship isn’t always easy.


Sometimes as relationships mature and the novelty begins wearing off, you need to inject a little romance back in.  If you find that you and your partner just aren’t quite as in sync as you used to be, try taking the 21 days of love challenge, and reignite the spark you once had for each other.  What makes this challenge so successful is that it brings back the same childlike passion you had when you first met.  It’s important to remember that this doesn’t work if you only commit to a few days- you need to be diligent in your efforts.  Follow through with each day. Your relationship is counting on it.

I’ll be writing this from a male perspective, but it will work for women as well.  This doesn’t have to be done in twenty-one consecutive days, nor does it have to be done in this order.  Just make sure you’re doing one of these things at least every three days.

Day One:  Give your wife a tight, embracing hug. Look her in the eyes and tell her you love her.

Day Two:  Text or call your wife at a random part of your day to tell her that you’re thinking about her.

Day Three:  Buy your wife a single flower today.  Just to show you care.

Day Four:  Call your wife before coming home from work and ask if she needs you to pick up anything.

Day Five:  Ask your wife to name three ways you can be a better husband. Do this without fighting, and use it to better your relationship!

Day Six:  Set aside an hour of alone time to spend with your wife. Spend this time talking and reconnecting.

Day Seven:  Tell your wife one thing today that you appreciate about her, and thank her sincerely.

Day Eight:  Offer to complete an errand for your wife (grocery shopping, cleaning, picking up the kids)

Day Nine:  Give your wife a kiss on the cheek today before leaving, and again when you return.  Do this every time you leave and return.

Day Ten:  Handwrite your wife a love letter and leave it in a place you’ll know she’ll find it.

Day Eleven:  Plan a romantic date for you and your wife. Send her an invite for a “romantic date night” through the mail.

Day Twelve:  Send a half-dozen flower arrangement to your wife’s work. If she works at home, send them there.

Day Thirteen:  Rewrite your wedding vows and give them to your wife.

Day Fourteen:  Watch a movie with your wife and hold her hand.

Day Fifteen:  Give your wife a back massage and tell her you will take care of the dishes or the laundry.

Day Sixteen:  Bring home your wife’s favorite dessert.

Day Seventeen:  Make dinner. Make her favorite foods and buy her favorite wine.

Day Eighteen:  Buy her something small on Amazon.com and have it sent to her work.  Spend no more than $10.

Day Nineteen:  Make your wife a “mixtape” of all the songs that remind you of her.

Day Twenty:  Randomly make out with your wife in your car in a parking lot.  Show her you still have that passion.

Day Twenty-one:  Dress up and re-propose to your wife.  Remind her how excited you were when you first got married.

If done with complete sincerity, these 21 steps will certainly remind your wife why she married you in the first place.  Not everything on here will be easy for you to do, depending on the status of your relationship- but you’re going to have to set it all aside and give it all you’ve got.  If you’ve done all this and you’re still unable to rekindle your love, then at least you can hold your head high knowing you gave 110%.  Naturally, I’ll be here to answer any questions you may have.  Good luck!

3 comments on “love challenge

  1. These activities do work. The idea of a 21 day jumpstart is a great idea. Luckily my wife and I have been doing such things regularly for the 16 years of our marriage, which is the ‘secret’ to our marriage’s success. There is no real secret. The point is to love – love as a verb. An action verb. Love with intention as often as possible (which is almost always!).

    • I don’t know if I could ever put it as eloquently as you have here, but I love that you keep these things as a regular occurance in your marraige. As I’m sure we all have been in failing relationships at some point, it’s important to cherish the one you’re with. You must treat each relationship as if there’s no one else in this world for you.

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